Restaurant Consultancy

A service assisting clients in the creation of:

Restaurant concepts

The Customer experience – Mystery Guest, training etc.

Menu formulation or evolution.

We work with Chefs and proprietors to identify and implement required changes.

This service is designed to uncover new ideas and to bring ideas from elsewhere in the world and adjust them to the business objective and ingredients/talent available. The cooking school is then used to implement changes in the kitchen and beyond.

Hotel – Client Experience Consultancy

Using mystery customer and customer feedback, this customer experience consultancy helps hoteliers improve their product. Firstly defining the experience intended, then identifying and training those who affect the product. Finally, assessing/appraising/motivating staff to ensure consistency of product.

Retail Food Product Development

Beginning with trend, idea or research, this service assists in conceiving, creating, testing and marketing retail food products from food formulation to packaging and retail commercial relationships.

Senior Management Coaching Services

Provided by Coombes Business Coaching, these coaching programmes provide intense support to senior staff as they take on greater responsibility or adjust to major change or challenge.