Reviewed Restaurants

I review restaurants as often as I can and as soon as I can after my visit. Restaurants will only move into the recommended section if they blow me away at least once, or if I continue to be impressed time after time.

Review: Dinings – Japanese – Mayfair

Yes it’s in a basement, the decoration is minimal and the service is wooden, but none of that matters at all!

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Review: Pearl Restaurant & Bar, Executive Chef – Jun Tanaka

Jun Tanaka promises much at Pearl restaurant & Bar in the relative culinary desert of Holborn. The Restaurant & Bar although shooting for the glamour of Mayfair or Manhattan, somehow falls short. Bead mania gives a feeling to the space...

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Review: Les Deux Salons

Les Deux Salons – from the Wild Honey and Arbutus group. Definitely the downmarket version of these other quality food houses. Faux Paris Bistro style reflecting the low cost model through features as subtle as cheap, non-peugot salt and pepper...

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