About Covent Garden Cooking School

Covent Garden Cooking School offers relaxed, un-pressured culinary learning in Central London. The combination of tailored events with great ingredients and delicious menus in the heart of London is unmatched.

Richard Coombes, as proprietor of the school has 20 years experience cooking for small and large groups to Restaurant quality, has travelled widely and attended cooking classes in several countries. In 2010 he also topped his class (with a Mention Bien) at Le Cordon Bleu London, studying both French Cuisine and Patisserie.

For the corporate client, Richard Coombes provides the full suite of entertainment, team development and management development services made possible by his senior management experience in ad agencies and finance businesses over the last 15 years.

Celebration and home events benefit from an enjoyable learning atmosphere thanks to Richard’s many years of coaching experience.

Richard Coombes, Covent Garden Cooking School:

I set up the school because I have most fun when I’m cooking together with other people who are interested in good food! I’ve taught many people and I learn something new myself every day. Many people I talk with really want to develop their cooking skills in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Covent Garden Cooking School makes this possible!

Covent Garden Cooking School is created to allow more people to enjoy Central London living at its best whilst learning more about cooking. Many people watch TV shows about cooking and go to great restaurants, so Covent Garden Cooking School is designed to help you put in to practice some of the things you’ve seen and tasted but not necessarily ever prepared yourself.

For those who cook a lot, the cook will help to push your skills further. If you don’t cook or if you are a little scared of the kitchen, we’ll help you work on basics and confidence to get you cooking when you’re back home.